Improve Sleep & Performance with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Sleep is vital for life and performance. Everyone knows the difference waking from a well-rested sleep, compared to a disrupted sleep. Add to this the decreased production of melatonin as we get older and a busy lifestyle – it can be difficult getting enough sleep. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up frequently throughout the night, or feeling tired and less alert during your day, don’t worry there is hope!

We all know that limiting alcohol, maintaining a sleep schedule, not playing on the iPad or phone before bed and meditation helps with a better night’s sleep. Adding cryotherapy to this list is an active easy way to boost the quality of your sleep.

Quality sleep is essential for peak mental performance, bolstering immunity, repairing cells (especially when training) and rebalancing biochemistry.

Sleep is essential to anyone wanting to be better at what they choose, training, business…. And this is where Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) comes into the picture.

Just one Whole Body Cryotherapy session can help you achieve a great night’s sleep.

Higher quality sleep increases your enthusiasm and energy, you can train better and boost performance easily. This increase in motivation and energy means you make better decisions and take actions aligned with your goal. You spend less time fixing up bad decisions as you have the mental space created by simply sleeping well. Perceived less effort, better results…

The effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy are immediate. This is due to endorphins and extra oxygenated cells being increased. Your body hits a higher gear. Regular exposure to these cold temperatures of WBC puts your body back into balance.

The science behind Whole Body Crytheraphy quality sleep is the exposure to the cold, muscle constriction then increased blood flow set off a chain reaction. The fight/flight response. Epinephrine is released during the session, this is the energised high you experience. Norepinephrine is then triggered which decreases pain and acts as a mild sedative. Norepinephrine affects your sleep-wake cycle and has massive effects on your energy, motivation, focus and sleep patterns. Further to this, sleep mimics awake time, so the better your day is, the better your sleep is.

During a Whole Body Cryotherapy session, your parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated via the vargas nerve. This system is commonly known as the automatic nervous system – flight or flight response. It controls things like digestion, arousal, heart rate and chemical release. The stimulation of this system is what decreases inflammation and fluid in the extremities. When we have less inflammation and decreased external fluid in our bodies our body has to work less and as a result, we are more comfortable and have a better quality sleep.

Pain is also reduced with Whole Body Cryotherapy causing people to be able to get to sleep and stay asleep longer. The decrease in inflammation is one reason the pain is reduced, but also the increase in white and red blood cells to the extremities for healing and cryotherapy is an analgesic numbing agent, meaning the perception of pain decreases and is maintained for hours after your session.  Specific sources of pain can also be targeted using localised cryotherapy.

The compounding benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are unmatched. Adding Whole Body Cryotherapy to your training regime and integrating it into your life will improve your performance, effectiveness and energy.

Expect to wake up feeling well rested and energised.

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Jamie Wilson