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Facial waxing included in all facials. Brow shaping and tinting included in all facials

Henna brow tattooing

20min - $60

Lash tint

15min - $30

Lash Lift

40min - $100



70min - $220

Microdermabrasion, advanced AHA peel, Hydrogel infusion mask with Omnilux Light Therapy.

Skin types: acne, pigmented, combination, oily, dry, normal.

Re-texturise your skin, reduce pigmentation, brighten and firm, hydrate and rejuvenate.

Double cleanse, AHA scrub, microdermabrasion used with hyaluronic, removes dead skin cells, AHA peel to exfoliate on a dermal level, Hydrogel mask will coat the skin and hydrate thru hyaluronic being delivered into the skin thru the power of light. Omnilux will repair skin tissue and stimulate collagen, and induce complete relaxation. Facial massage, and finishing hydrators to complete. SPF and skin matched minerals.


60min - $200

Anti ageing, Hydrating, Brightening, calming and reducing inflammation.

Skin types: sensitive skins, rosacea, acne, dry, dehydrated, normal.

Double cleanse, AHA peel, Hydrogel mask will deliver hydration directly into the skin thru the power of light. The Omnilux infuses the goodness while you rest under the warmth of the red light. Skin will be boosted with collagen, hydration, repairs dulled skins, skin is rejuvenate with moisture and gives your skin the biggest drink of goodness. Facial massage, and finishing hydrators to complete. SPF and skin matched minerals.


70min - $220

Anti ageing, Firming, Clarifying, Detoxifying.

Skin types: Congested, acne, uneven toned, saggy, pigmented.

Steam clean, double exfoliation with AHA scrub, refines and smooths the skin texture. Ancient green clay mask will stimulate blood flow, cause a pulsating feeling, this will oxygenate the skin, stimulate collagen renewal, firm the skin and clarify the congestion within the skins layers. Omnilux light therapy will then encourage more collagen production, repair skin tissue and increases vitality. Reduces pore size and betters the skin texture and tone. Facial massage, and finishing hydrators to complete. SPF and skin matched minerals.


40mins - $100

Steam cleansing with clarifying cleanser, exfoliation, extractions. Pumpkin enzyme mask to purify and reduce inflammation.

Add on Omnilux $50 for 50mins (omnilux will reduce the inflammation and heal the skin, calm and desensitise)



All the benefits of skin needling with the add on of Cryo, the cooling temperature of the Cryo will help to soothe, heal and enhance the micro needling treatment. Skin is revived and recovery time is much faster.


60min - $175

Anti ageing, tightening, clarifying, glowing skin.

Skin types: ageing, dry, congested, normal, acne, dehydrated.

Steam clean, double exfoliation with AHA scrub (depending on skin condition) advanced AHA peel 3mins, using LCA complex with Pro Vit A, VIt A,C,E. A peel that will hydrate the skin on a dermal level. Latic acid will reduce the signs of ageing. Glycolic and Salicylic will remove the dead skin cells to rejuvenate and reveal smoother softer glowing skin. Facial massage, and finishing hydrators to complete. SPF and skin matched minerals.


70min - $190

Anti ageing, brightening, tightening, plump and polish.

Skin types: all skins, ageing, acne, pigmented, sensitive, normal, dry.

Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion crystals exfoliate and polish the skin. 5xPower peel (mushroom and pumpkin enzymes) using powerful peptides that will plump, nourish and condition the skin. The enzymes will brighten and firm. Omnilux then to boost collagen and elastin to give the skin back its bounce. The skin will be brighter and leave with a beautiful glow. Facial massage, and finishing hydrators to complete. SPF and skin matched minerals.


25min - $75

Anti ageing, firming, increase collagen, clear congestion, oxygenate and clarify

Skin types: all skin types. Pre - Post operation, Scar healing, wound healing.

Come with clean skin, 20 mins under the soothing warm red light of the Omnilux. Sunscreen is then applied. 48 hours between treatments. 2-3 x weekly for 3-6 weeks is optimum treatment with home care recommended.

Package cost

9 treatments - $600



60min - $210

FROTOX facial, stimulates collagen, reduce pore size, strengthen skin, clarify, tighten and brighten.

Skin types: all skin types.

Double cleanse the skin, exfoliation under steam, Cryo treatment then for 15 mins face, neck and decolletage, Omnilux then for 20 mins, foot, arm and shoulder massage. Facial massage with hydrating serums, finishing creams and SPF with skin matching minerals.


60 mins - $220

Steam clean face, then gentle exfoliation with fruit acid scrub layered with Paprika Enzyme mask. This will heat up and then firm. Left on for 20 mins. Peel off mask to then reveal firm, toned, clarified glowing skin. Not for the faint of heart, this treatment takes your breath away. Once removed the cooling effect of the Cryo is then applied for 12 mins. Pores are reduced, collagen is plumped and blood flow encourages beautiful, glowing, youthful skin.



90mins (face) $300

105min (face, neck and décolletage) complimentary backs of hands $500

Backs of hands $150

Neck $150

Décolletage $150

Turn back the clock, tighten, firm, reduce fine lines, reduce pigmentation, increase collagen, plump the skin, brighter tone and total skin rejuvenation. The best treatment for your skin!

Skin types: all skins.

Double cleanse the skin, numbing cream is then applied for 25 mins. Complementary brow shaping and tinting. The depths of the needles are determined by the skins condition and concerns. Micro channels are created and the wound process is accelerated. Collagen is produced and the skin is rejuvenated at its deepest level. Omnilux will then further the healing process and double dose the collagen production. Leaving the skin with a reddish finish. The skin will be inflamed for 12hours, the skin will heal over the next 48 hours. All skins will react differently to the treatment depending on the skins condition pre treatment. Allow 2-3 days for first treatment for the skin to recover fully, the treatments following will heal much faster the more that you do. Specific serums are given to apply post treatment.

1 x monthly for 4-6 months for optimum results.


Omnilux light therapy is a treatment that will help the skin produce more collagen and repair the tissues in the skin. Cell vitality is encouraged, skin conditions such as sun damage, acne and aged skins improved and restored. Pore size reduced, skin texture refined and toned. A non invasive treatment that will leave the skin with a healthy glow.

Benefits of Omnilux:

80% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
75% smoother softer skin after clinical trials
Combination of infra red and pure red light wavelengths. Penetrated to 633 nanometers in the skin ( this is where the mitachondria cells are stimulated)
Stimulation of the skins tissues is found deep in the skins layers
Collagen is stimulated
Natural healing is encouraged within the skin.

Regaining a young facial appearance involves overcoming many variables like poor skin texture, loss of volume, wrinkles, and sagging skin. ... But promoting collagen regeneration will lift and tighten your facial skin to avoid wrinkles, lines, and folds.


Micro-needling uses a cartridge of 12 tiny micro points. The needles can be adjusted to different depths to create little micro injuries to the skin. Controlled collagen induction therapy is created.

Micro needling will improve acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, reduce pore size, lighten brown spots, stretch marks and pigmentation.

Skin must be clear of active acne or acne cysts before treatment otherwise the infection and bacteria can spread under the skins layers.

The sun is the biggest problem for breaking down our collagen, our skin naturally makes less collagen as we age and any intervention that encourages increased collagen synthesis can make skin look younger, plumper and will continue to act younger.

Omnilux and Micro needling and Cryo all have theses functions and used together can be a powerhouse of collagen production.

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