Squeeze and Freeze

Cryo + Recovery Boots - 110

This treatment aims to improve recovery time, promote healing and encourage the excretion of waste products from the body. It is ideal for those who have localised pain and inflammation, suffer chronic pain or feel generally run down. Also great for targeting back, hip and leg aches.


1 Cryo Session + 60min Float - 129

This package will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. It will help manage injuries, reduce inflammation, as well as promote restful sleep patterns and can decrease symptoms of anxiety.


Cryo + Infrared Sweat Session - 99

A contrasting shock to the system that will leave you feeling fantastic inside and out. This combo will boost your immune system, kick start weight loss, nourish your skin and remove toxins from your body.


Infrared Sweat Session + 30min Recovery Boot Session - 55

The right option for those that need to slow it down. Opt for this treatment to heal sore, aching muscles, decrease stiffness, improve range of motion and reduce fluid retention.


Cryo + 30min Float + 30min Recovery Boot - 129

This treatment offers accelerated recovery for elite athletes or those in intense training. It is also used for chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and for those who need to relax and boost their immune system.



Float & Sauna Pack - 295

3 x Float

3 x Sauna

Cryo & Float Pack - 389

3 x Cryo

3 x Float

Cryo Special

4 or more people
- 59 pp


Float + Infrared Sweat Session - 110

Enhance blood flow, remove toxins and achieve a deep relaxation with our Revive package.

Couples: 125


This treatment is ideal for teams or groups who want to get the edge on their competition. This combo will help you beat fatigue, reduce stiffness, improve recovery and have you ready to go in no time.

Cryo + Recovery Boot Session

3 or more people - 69 pp

Cryo + Recovery Boot Session + Sauna

3 or more people
- 89 pp

Recovery Boots + Sauna

2 people - 45 each 90

3 people - 43 each 129

4 people - 40 each 160